The Cold Beauty of Early Spring


One of the earliest Spring Wildflowers in the Shawnee National Forest is the Spring Beauty…taken in early March on a cold afternoon. Despite the cold lighting, this fella is proud to emerge from Winter


Autumn’s Berries

Mother Nature’s pre-Thanksgiving table is set.  Ripe Spicebush Berries sing out in red waiting to provide a delicious, and highly nutritious  meal to the animals who will be staying throughout the winter.  Photograph taken on Saturday November 5th, 2016 in the Shawnee National Forest.

A wonderful native shrub whose red berries add a much-needed color  boost to the woods during the late Autumn and Winter.


Kevin’s Nature Blog

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By the way, the banner photo at the top of my website was taken by an uncle while flying an ultralight airplane over beautiful  southern Illinois.

It shows the ancient Mississippi river valley; the hills are the Shawnee Hills.  Thanks goodness the glaciers stopped!